IG II2 1181 - Dedication by ephebes of Aigeis, 331/0 BC

IG II2 1182 - Decree of Myrrhinous honouring Pheidippos

IG II2 1183 - Decree of deme Myrrhinous relating to euthynai and other matters

IG II2 1184 - Sacrificial regulation for the Thesmophoria at Cholargos

IG II2 1185 - Decree of Eleusis honouring a Theban

IG II2 1186 - Decrees of Eleusis honouring two Thebans

IG II2 1187 - Decree of Eleusis honouring Derkylos of Hagnous

IG II2 1188 - Decree of Eleusis honouring the hierophant, Hierokleides

IG II2 1189 - Dedication inscribed with decree of deme Eleusis honouring ephebes of Hippothontis and their controller (sophronistes), 334/3 BC

IG II2 1190 - Decree of Eleusis

IG II2 1191 - Honours for Xenokles of Sphettos

IG II2 1192 - Decree of Eleusis honouring a man from Phyle

IG II2 1193 - Decree of Eleusis honouring the patrol-commander (peripolarch), Smikythion

IG II2 1194 - Decree of Eleusis honouring the demarch

IG II2 1195 (fr. c) - Decrees of Athenian Assembly and Kollytos, 327/6 BC

IG II2 1196 - Decree of Aixone regulating payments for pasturage, 326/5 BC (?)

IG II2 1197 + Add. p. 672 - Decree of Aixone honouring officials (syndikoi?)

IG II2 1198 + Add. p. 672 - Decree of Aixone honouring the choregoi, Demokrates and Hegesias, 326/5 BC

IG II2 1199 - Decree of Aixone awarding honours connected with the festival of Hebe, 320/19 BC

IG II2 1200 - Decree of Aixone honouring the choregoi, Leontios and Glaukon, 317/6 BC

IG II2 1201 - Decree of Aixone honouring Demetrios of Phaleron

IG II2 1202 - Decree of Aixone honouring Kallikrates and Aristokrates, 340/339 BC (?)

IG II2 1203 - Decree of Athmonon honouring the merarchai of 325/4 BC

IG II2 1204 - Decree of Lamptrai honouring Philokedes of Acharnai

IG II2 1205 - Decree of Epikephisia honouring those chosen to prosecute Neokles

IG II2 1206 - Decree of Acharnai on funding an annual sacrifice from revenue from the theatre

IG II2 1207 - Decree of Acharnai honouring priestess of Athena Hippia

IG II2 1210 - Honorific decree of deme Anagyrous?

IG II2 1213 - Decree of an association (deme? Trikomoi?)

IG II2 1214 - Decree of the deme Piraeus honouring Kallidamas of Cholleidai

IG II2 1215 - Decree of a deme

IG II2 1217 - Rhamnous honours its demarch (?)

IG II2 1218 - Decree of deme Eleusis

IG II2 1219 - Decree of deme Eleusis and Athenians residing there honouring [a general?]

IG II2 1220 - Decree [of Athenian soldiers/residents at Eleusis?] honouring a man who had improved the water-supply

IG II2 1221 - Honorific decree [of Athenian soldiers and/or residents at Eleusis?]

IG II2 1224 - Decree of Athenians in Myrina on Lemnos

IG II2 1225 - Decree of the Salaminians honouring Herakleitos of Athmonon

IG II2 1230 - Decree of the genos Kerykes honouring Euthydemos, deputy of the basileus

IG II2 1231 - Decree of the Eumolpidai honouring Neoptolemos of Melite

IG II2 1234 - Decree regulating cult

IG II2 1235 - Decree of Kerykes and Eumolpidai honouring the hierophant, Chairetios of Eleusis

IG II2 1236 - Decree of Kerykes and Eumolpidai honouring Philonides of Laodikea

IG II2 1237 - Phratry decrees of the Dekeleans

IG II2 1243 - Decree of the Marathonian Tetrapolis

IG II2 1254 - Honorific decree of the Paraloi

IG II2 1255 - Decree of the orgeones [of Bendis?] (337/6 BC)

IG II2 1256 - Decree of the orgeones of Bendis (329/8 BC)

IG II2 1260 - Honorific decree for a general at Sounion

IG II2 1264 - Decree of cavalry honouring treasurers of Athena