Decree of Myrrhinous honouring Pheidippos

IG II2 1182 Date: ca. 330-320 BC (?)
. . . [1] . . . seat of honour (proedrian) at all the performances (theais) that the Myrrhinousians put on;[2] and he shall be permitted, (5) on taking care of the payment (apodoseōs) of the remaining money on behalf of the demesmen, to seek some good from the demesmen by which he will be honoured (10) worthily of his benefactions,[3] so that everyone else may show love of honour (philotimōntai) towards the demesmen, knowing that they will receive thanks from (15) the demesmen worthy of their benefactions; and the demarch shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the sanctuary of (20) Artemis Kolainis;[4] and for inscribing the stele Pheidippos or the treasurer, Pheidippos[5] and the copy secretary (antigraphea) Meixias[6] shall allocate 30 drachmas or expenditure of 30 drachmas (25) from the revenue. The demesmen.