Decree of Halai Aixonides honouring the priest of Apollo Zoster and demesmen collaborating with him

SEG 42.112 Date: Ca. 360-350 BC
The Halaians[1] decided. Hagnotheos son of Ekphantides proposed. Since Polystratos, having become priest of Apollo Zoster,[2] is conducting the priesthood well and piously and worthily of the god, and has fitted out or repaired (epeskeuaken) the sanctuary in an extremely honour-loving way (lian philotimōs),[3] and has adorned the statues with those chosen (hairethentōn) (5) from the demesmen, and managed the sacrifice at the Zosteria according to tradition, and gave an account (logous) of his management to the demesmen; for all these things, to praise the priest of Apollo, Polystratos son of Charmantides of Halai, and crown him with a laurel[4] crown for his piety and justice; and to praise also those chosen to manage the sanctuary (10) with him, and crown each of them with a laurel crown, Theodotos son of Theodotos of Halai, Aischeas son of Phileriphos of Halai, Pantakles son of Sokrates of Halai, Hagnias son of Melesias of Halai;[5] and to inscribe this decree and stand it at the sanctuary of Apollo; and the treasurer shall give whatever may be the cost of it, and account for it to the demesmen.
col. 1
The Halaians (crown) Polystratos
col. 2
The Halaians (crown) those chosen.