Monument commemorating the foundation and early years of the Asklepieion at Athens

IG II3 4 665 Date: Ca. 400 BC
Face A (front)
Telemachos[1] first founded the sanctuary (hieron) and the altar to Asklepios [and to Hygieia], to the [Asklepiads?] (5) and [the daughters of Asklepios?][2] and [all the other gods and goddesses?] . . . . . . having come up from Zea[3] (10) at the Great Mysteries he lodged (katēgeto) at the Eleusinion;[4] and having sent for assistants (?) (diakonos) from home, Telemachos brought him here on a (15) [wagon] in accordance with [an oracle]; and Hygieia came with him; and so this sanctuary (hieron) was founded all in the archonship of Astyphilos of (20) Kydantidai (420/19). Archeas (419/8): in his time the Kerykes disputed the plot of land (chōrio) and prevented some things being done.[5] Antiphon (418/7): in his time (25) . . . [Euphemos] (417/6): in his time . . . three lines missing (30) . . . established (ektise) . . . and constructed (kateskeuase) . . . Charias (415/4): in his time the [enclosure (peribolon)] from the wooden gate (xulopulio). (35) Teisandros (414/3): in his time the [wooden gates (xulopulia)] and the rest [of the sacred places (hierōn)] were added to the foundation. Kleokritos (413/2): in his time [plantings (ephuteuthē)] were undertaken (40) and, having adorned (kosmēsas) it, he established the entire precinct (temenos), at his own expense. Kallias of Skambonidai (412/1): in his time . . . . . .
Face B (left)
11 lines of which only the last three or four letters of each line are preserved (no complete word)